Hebei New Tiehu Petroleum Machinery Co., Ltd.

Hebei New Tiehu Petroleum Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 2000. It is located in the Economic Development Zone of Renqiu City, Hebei Province, adjacent to Xiongan New District, more than 100 kilometers away from Beijing and Tianjin. The company is a comprehensive petroleum machinery manufacturing and service enterprise integrating the R & D and manufacturing of well control equipment (blowout preventer, operating machine under pressure, hydraulic control device, etc.) and petroleum engineering technical services. Its products are distributed in major domestic oil and gas fields and sold overseas to Indonesia, The United States, Colombia, Canada and other countries.
The company has passed API Q1, ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001 and other quality, environment, occupational health and safety management system certification. Obtaining five qualification certificates for well control equipment manufacturers of PetroChina: double Class A qualification for downhole operation blowout preventer and drilling blowout preventer production, Class B qualification for coiled tubing blowout preventer, blowout preventer control device and choke and kill manifold production; passing API 6A, API 16A, API 16C and API 16D certification of American Petroleum Institute.


The company has built a complete workshop, hardware, etc., with extraordinary to create extraordinary:
1. The comprehensive machinery manufacturing workshop has more than 100 sets of advanced large-scale numerical control processing equipment, automatic heat treatment equipment, high-performance automatic welding robot, paint and other production equipment. It has the integrated production capacity of 20 tons of large workpiece processing, automatic surfacing welding of anti-corrosion alloy of BOP cavity and sealing gasket ring groove, heat treatment, anti-corrosion coating treatment of metal surface, etc.
2. The comprehensive rubber workshop, which integrates research and development, production, inspection and testing, has more than 10 sets of production equipment for various rubber products such as mill, internal mixer and vulcanizer, and more than 600 sets of rubber core molds of various types. It can realize the integrated whole process production of plasticizing, mixing, quick inspection, vulcanization and finished product inspection for rubber products of various types of blowout prevention devices, with an annual production capacity of nearly 30000 pieces. Rubber products cover diameter from 65mm to 540mm, pressure level from 3.5MPa to 140MPa. The workshop has high-end characteristic products such as large diameter gate rubber core, ultra-low temperature gate rubber core, ultra-high temperature gate rubber core, high sulfur resistance gate rubber core, etc.
3. The domestic advanced well control pressure test workshop has 200MPa, 300MPa automatic water seal and 160MPa automatic gas seal test equipment, which can complete water seal and gas seal tests of all series of well control products according to standard requirements.
4, metal material physical and chemical properties testing laboratory, rubber testing laboratory and non-destructive testing center. It has more than 60 sets of various testing equipment such as tensile, impact, spectrum, hardness, non-destructive testing, and polymer material testing.


The company was founded in

80 +亩

The company covers an area of nearly

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Existing employees of the company

1000 +套

Annual capacity BOP

Honor Qualification

The company has a complete quality, environment, occupational health and safety management system, and has obtained API system and logo certification, ISO 9001 quality management system, ISO 14001 environmental management system, ISO 45001 occupational health and safety management system, PetroChina HSE management system certification.